Best US Sportsbooks for Jan 2021: Maximum Payouts, Bets & Wager Limits

It is common knowledge that every punter who knows about the online gambling world will also know, which online sportsbook offers the best payout. Most of the top casinos have set their max payout limit per day or per week or even per month. Most of these payout limits are also for specific sporting categories too. Let us now check out the max payouts for US bookmakers.

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Twinspires: Horse Betting Top limits

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Twinspires is a popular name in the casino sportsbook business but if justifies it or not is what we get to see through its payout and odds. The site offers good odds and usually the top punters aiming for risking and then earning it go to the site. The site is primarily a racebook and therefore, it focuses on horse racing only. However, they do have contests and promotions for other games also.

  • Racing: As a premier name in the horse-racing tracks, the site of Twinspires is all about thoroughbred racing and offers wagering on events like the Kentucky Derby and Churchill Downs. The site does not leave out any event or game, and that makes it most popular. The players can make their best bets and have handicap edges to ensure they take home a reasonably good paycheck. The punters can check world famous tracks like Kentucky Derby, UK Yarmouth, Keeneland Race Course, Del Mar Race Track, Hollywood Park, Saratoga Race Course and more. The punters can go for thoroughbred, quarter horse and harness horse racing bets and the best events are there to bet on.

The highlight of Twinspires has to be the hundreds of racetracks and events that the site covers enabling the punters to make their pick from the events that go through the year.

The site has special attention to the leaderboard winners, and then the payout is given to the winner in this leaderboard. It works more with great packages and other such incentives that make the most of the game.

  • Basketball: The Twinspires site also offers a chance to bet on NCAA event as well. The site offers a payout of 1000,000 Elite points as rewards to the punters making the right guesses and winning at least 1 win will translate to 1 point.
  • Baseball: Super Bowl is one of the most interesting championships that the punters can check out and earn big. The payout percentage of the site, in general, is great, and it also shall lead to punters getting access to the next Kentucky Derby event.

William Hill: up to 1 million

william hill

One of the most popular choices in online betting has been that of William Hill. There are sports and events from around the globe that punters shall relish betting on.

  • Horse racing: William Hill offers a maximum payout of £1,000,000 on horse racing. This takes the cake and makes the site one of the preferred ones. The site acknowledges that the US punters also like the Irish and the UK based races, and they follow it too. So, the site offers some of the finest bets and odds for the players to have a free run.
  • Football: Whether it is American football or international football, the events get great leverage at William Hill. The casino has special free bets and offers for the punters. The ACCA insurance is going to save the day for the punters who feel the need to earn more. The World cup season has seen plenty of action here and the thrill to bet on the site has been high ensuring it pays well too. The £2 million maximum payout is a big enough draw for the punters online. The site offers Accumulator payouts too for the punters who wish to bet on pre-match. However, there is a certain level of mathematics and logic that go behind making this logic.
  • Tennis: The matches leading to the Grand Slams and the other such tournaments have won plenty of attention globally. There are various championships across the USA in tennis that feature in the William Hill sportsbook. So the punters can check out the markets and bet on However, before going for betting on the matches, punters can check out the Accumulator matches. These accumulator payouts will vary from the regular payouts and their bets and odds will also be different. Punters can expect a £100,000.
  • Greyhound Racing: Nottingham, Crayford, Hove, Harlow, are popular races for punters to bet on. The William Hill site takes a lead in the race with one of the most attractive payouts of £500,000. The site offers the live chance of watching the dog derby online too.
  • Cricket: Cricket is gaining ground and market in the US as well, and William Hill has the in-play betting option to punters to bet on. The events include top international matches, one-day internationals, women’s internationals, county matches, test matches, the Ashes, and Caribbean Premier League and more. The maximum payout is £250,000.
  • Baseball: Major League Baseball and NPB are some of the major events that the William Hill offers for the punters in the USA to bet on. The maximum payout the site offers on these is £250,000.


Disclaimer: This information may be subject to change. 

Bet365 has become one of the most searched and visited sportsbook online. The site has gained fame and all because of the best odds that they give along with high betting limits and more.

  • Horse Racing: Keeping up with the excitement that horse racing has built among the US punters, the Bet365 site also offers the best of derby markets. The horse racing events of well-liked UK derby events and lesser popular ones are all available on the site for the punters to have a go betting. The site does not compromise on the betting odds, and the punters can have a go betting at the exotics or thoroughbreds and even get a chance at handicap betting.
  • Golf: The Golf fever has taken the world, let alone the US by storm and this is why today betting on popular cups like the PGA Tours, the European Tours and more such has become more than just a fashion. The thrill of wagering on 18 holes or for the lowest score has made it one of the most sought-after games.
  • Tennis: Wimbledon is not just famous in the UK, and just like Golf it has immense popularity in the US as well. So, at Bet365, there are the Challenger series, the Wimbledon, and the Women’s Tennis tournaments to choose and bet on. The events happen through the year and thereby, the tennis lovers and punters can try their luck more often.
  • American Football: Thanks to the rise in popularity of Super Bowl, the events are getting live streaming across the world. So, the punters keen on betting at these championships can check out the best of the football events and bet on pre-match accumulators or in-play. Either way, the thrill and the stakes are immense.
  • Basketball: As a lucrative market, the NBA has done it and won fans globally. Thanks to the legends like Jordan and co, the game has now become hugely popular and the punters are also finding the game very intriguing. This thrill factor has also been the reason for the site to help in giving a live stream of major NBA events. There are U20 European Championships, WNBA, China NBL, Australia Big V, and more such international tournaments that punters can check out on Bet365.

To use the Live Streaming service you will need to be logged in and have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours.

With these famous online sportsbooks offering one big payout after the other all the while offering the most incredible markets from UK and beyond, betting is easy. All that the punters now have to do is just log in and pick the sportsbook of their choice. The sites are clearly the best globally and have years of good reputation preceding them.